The Simple Detox Guides-An Analysis

Today we are exposed to more toxins than ever before and our bodies are struggling to expel these potentially harmful toxins from our bodies. Modern lifestyles, pollution, chemicals, nutrient deficient diets, refined foods and stress all create toxins that are absorbed by our bodies. The body tries to expel these toxins through the skin, urine and stools but when it becomes overloaded these toxins stay in the body and can cause serious health problems.

Why detox?

If you live a modern, busy lifestyle the chances are your body is under stress from toxins and chemicals. A detox gives the body a rest, recuperate and destroy harmful toxins. After doing a detox you can expect to feel happier, think more clearly, lose weight, have more energy, have better skin and generally feel healthier. Many people choose to do a detox once or two a year, however it's also important to stick to the key principles of detoxing throughout the year to ensure your body is not put under additional stress.

How do I detox?

You don't need to buy expensive detox programs or follow complicated plans in order to achieve good results, however quality natural supplements can make the process quicker and are generally more convenient.

First, decide how long you would like to detox for, be realistic about what you can achieve and stick to it! Most people find a detox of between2 and 4 weeks adequate, however if you've got long term health issues you might want to detox for longer.

Create a simple detox plan that you can follow throughout each day of your detox. This should include the foods that you will eat, supplements to take, exercise and relaxation techniques.

What foods are good and what foods should I avoid?

A detox diet doesn't need to be bland and boring. Start each day with a glass of hot water and lemon to kick start your digestive system and make sure you consume at least two litres of filtered water every day. Don't drink tea, coffee, alcohol or sugary soft drinks. Herbal Teas (including green tea, chamomile, peppermint and milk thistle) will help detoxify your body.

Cut out dairy foods, processed carbohydrates (such as white bread, pasta) and sugary processed foods and replace them with plenty of fresh, washed fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans.

Buy 'toxin free' personal care and beauty products.

Many shampoos, soaps, conditioners and deodorants contain various concoctions of chemicals, which are absorbed by the body. Try to choose natural alternatives that are made from plant based materials.

Detox supplements

To speed up the detox process you can take natural supplements. These are the most common. Psyllium husks contain soluble and insoluble fiber which scours the walls of the colon to remove toxins and can be taken with a combination of cleansing herbs to detoxify the body. Bentonite clay has been shown to be beneficial in removing toxins from the body Probiotics provide the colon with millions of friendly bacteria which are destroyed in a toxic body.

Other detox tips

Switch the shower on to cold at the end to encourage the skins pores to open allowing the toxins to be released. Do some yoga, meditation or other forms of relaxation everyday and take a regular Epson salt bath.

Stick with it

There maybe times when you are tempted to revert back to your old ways, but you are only on your detox for a short time and then you can treat yourself again. However try to integrate some of the aspects of a detox diet in to your everyday life to ensure your body doesn't become toxic again.